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Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy a must read for Spy Thriller Fans!

Posted on Jan 22, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy a must read for Spy Thriller Fans!

As a book collector, I have to admit that there are many books we own, but that does not mean I read all of them. Tom Clancy happens to be one of those writers for me, who falls into the category of “one of these days I have to read it”.  In all fairness, I have seen every movie that was converted from the written word to the big screen. You might be wondering then why not read him? Part of it goes back to many years ago I felt slighted by him. The fact that he has such a large fan base but does not give back to his loyal followers i.e.: not doing book signings. This is one of the reasons he went on the back burner for me when it came to reading. There is only so much time to read, hence other authors preceded him in my must read category.

Now with that said.  I guess I have been intrigued by the Title of Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy. So the other day I picked up the book and if I did not have to do client maintenance, generating new clients and trying to keep Escrows together and writing new offers I would have stayed up all night until I would have finished the book. It is a page turner to say the least.


Not wanting to give away the plot, it takes place during the Cold War of the time period of Brezhnev‘s last few days in power and Yuri Andropov is the head of the KGB. If you are into Cold War thrillers then this is a must read. This is the time line when Ronald Reagan is president and Margaret Thatcher is the Prime Minister of England and Pope John Paul II has had an assassination attempt on him. Interesting times to say the least and Tom Clancy brings them back to the present. If you traveled in London, Rome, Budapest and Moscow you will really enjoy this book. It is like watching it on the big screen. Truly a fun read.


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