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Re-birth of the Los Angeles River, one of four rivers in the Los Angeles Basin

Posted on Sep 30, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Re-birth of the Los Angeles River,  one of four rivers in the Los Angeles Basin

Los Angeles River

The Los Angeles River consists of 58 miles of stream which is nowadays mainly a cement-lined flood channel. How sad is that. This river has had much transformation. There were floods in the year 1861-1862 as well as in 1884 and in 1914. So somewhere in the early 1930’s the powers to be decided that to cut the flow of this Great River, (which was compared to the Colorado River) was to set the river’s channel into concrete.

Los Angeles River Sign by Endre Barath

 As of about 13 years ago only 17 percent of the streambed has remained with vegetation. The rest is imbedded in cement.
So the engineers have prevented floods and created an eyesore and an ecological disaster at best. Environmentalists have been trying to rehabilitate the Los Angeles River without any success over the years.

80 per cent of the LA River looks like this

Fast forward to 1986 there was a group that called themselves Los Angeles River (FoLAR). They have started programs to educate children about the river, promoted cleanup efforts and led eco tours.

more views of the concrete LA River

In 1989 FoLAR had is first annual FoLAR Greater Los Angeles River Clean-Up. The turnout was miniscule only 30 people turned out, but it was the beginning.

Los Angeles River by Endre Barath,Jr

Than in 1994 the Downtown Strategic Plan Advisory Committee established by than Mayor Tom Bradley suggested rehabilitating the east bank of the waterway from N Man Street to the Golden State Freeway.

Los Angeles River by Endre Barath,Jr

Than in 2010 Mayor Villaraigosa took up the task of giving a new lease on life of the Los Angeles River, The restoration and beautification of the Los Angeles River. So like him or not, agree with him or not as far as his politics, you must admit after you see these pictures that he is on the right track. Let’s return the Los Angeles River to its splendor of a hundred years ago from the eye sore that it is today.

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