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Ray Kurzweil & Google Inc: Life imitating Art or Art imitating life?

Posted on Dec 15, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Ray Kurzweil & Google Inc: Life imitating Art or Art imitating Life? What will the future hold?

First my question is how many of you know that Ray Kurzweil has joined Google Inc, followed up with how many of you know who Ray Kurzweil is?

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Kurzweil, became Google’s Chief Engineer in laymen’s terms. His mission is: “to work on new projects involving machine learning and language possessing…” before I go into a long biography I am just going to give you a link to read about him ( )

He has worn many hats and controversy has surrounded him throughout his life. Some of the hats he wore were: Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur Futurist and now Director of Engineering at Google Inc.

Now he will bring his Futuristic Ideas to Google Inc. He has for decades discussed, lectured and wrote about the potential of artificial intelligence to increase human capabilities. Now he has elevated it to the next level and wants to create extremely intelligent machines. In laymen’s terms “thinking machines”.

I for one believe we are not that far from this technology. How many of you remember when in the 1990’s World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov played against IBM’s Deep Blue and was defeated? This event seems like a hundred years ago. Lot of water has passed from the Hudson River to the Ocean since then.   Just as a small example in those days I was getting Real Estate Inventory on Charles St in Boston, MA by going from Real Estate Office to Real Estate Office and writing down the addresses and description in a note pad.

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Not long ago I read a book called “The Fear Index” by Robert Harris and I blogged about it ( ) some of you commented about the plausibility others of you commented about the implausibility of the premise of the book: High finance, sophisticated computer programming, greed and panic and a terrifying future.

So with that said: what will the future hold for us thanks to Google Inc., Ray Kurzweil and Robert Harris? Is life imitating art or is art imitating life?

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