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Pumpkin Soup/ Stew for a chilly night!

Posted on Nov 25, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Pumpkin Soup/ Stew for a chilly night!

Pumpkin SOup by Endre Barath

This soup is easy to make, but is time consuming, hence it is great to do on a day you are working out of your home or just want to take time off from the hustle and bustle of your daily activity.


·         2 cups of dried navy beans

·         2 bay leaves

·         Three sprigs of Thyme

·         One large onion ( I always use sweet onions with all my recipes)

·         2 sugar pumpkins (washed & dried) see picture

·         ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil ( I always use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from Trader Joe’s or cold pressed extra virgin calamata olive oil also from TJ’s)

·         2-3 cups of Chicken stock

·         Salt & pepper

·          About one pound of Potatoes (ideally fingerling potatoes, or new potatoes, or Yukon gold or red potatoes will do as well)

·         Two carrots  & about 2 cups of fresh or frozen peas ( if you do not want to chop substitute about 10 ounces of frozen peas & carrots)

·         3 table spoon of unsalted butter

·         2 cups of   milk ( I always use 2 percent milk, if you like 1% or whole milk use to what you like best)

·         1-2 stalks of celery

·         ¼ cup of all purpose flower

·         Three to four sprigs of fresh sage

·         1 or 2 teaspoon of whole pepper corns preferably white

·         Turkey sausage or any other kind or sausage ( I like chicken sausages that are a bit spicy again depends on your taste)

·         White or brown mushrooms chopped in not too small pieces (the thicker the cut the better the flavor)

pumpkin before seeds are removed

The Beans:   This soup needs a bit of planning. The night or two before you plan to make this soup, in cold water re-hydrate the navy beans or if you want to skip this step get canned navy beans (not quite the same if you want my opinion) Then drain the beans and in new fresh water boil the beans until done (30-45 min) do not add salt or any seasoning, otherwise the beans will need 1.5hrs of cooking to become soft. (Salt and seasoning make the beans tougher, hence the longer period to soften) Once done you can refrigerate the beans in the liquid for a day or two.

Pumpkin after first baking

The Pumpkin:

·         Using a sharp knife or a keyhole saw (I used my sashimi knife) to cut the top of the Pumpkin off and save (the hat)

·         Using a metal spoon clean insides out( If you like save pumpkin seeds and do a Toasted Pumpkin seed treat see  enclosed recipe(

·         Rub each pumpkin with Oil and add  a bit of salt and pepper

·         Place parchment paper on pan and then place the pumpkin right side up with hat on and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degree temperature

·         Remove top and cool on wire rack completely

·         Flip the pumpkin upside down and bake for another 20 minutes at 350 degree temperature.

pumpkin stew before baking

The Soup/Stew:

·         In a large stock pot melt the butter ( like making rue)

·         Sauté onions, carrots, celery and potatoes

·         Sauté sausage

·         add thyme & sage


Soften vegetables for about 10-15 minutes,   then add flower and stir for about 5-6 minutes, then add milk for another5-6 minutes and then add chicken stock. Reduce heat and simmer as it thickens add more chicken stock to keep it liquid and not too thick. The flavors should blend together after about 25-30 minutes.

  Final Phase:                             

·         preheat oven to 350 degrees

·         scoop  soup mixture into the baked pumpkins

·         place “hat” on top of pumpkins

·         bake for about 20-25 minutes

pumpkin soup about to be served

Serve Soup/ Stew in Pumpkin with freshly baked bread! Bon Appetite!

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