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‘Project Loon’ by Google is buzzing the internet. Have you heard?

Posted on Jun 15, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

‘Project Loon’ by Google is buzzing the internet. Have you heard?


As most of you who are following blogosphere, the internet is on Fire! The word just hit that Google has launched a project called “Project LOON” The internet search giant wants to give everyone on earth Internet access and they have an idea how to do it!

Internet Savvy Realtor in Los Angeles Endre Barath

Google has officially announced “Project Loon”  the idea is clear connecting the entire world to the Internet.


Some of you who read my blog on a consistent basis will remember that I wrote a blog post almost six months ago to the day that Google has hired Ray Kurzweil   ( ) this is clearly his brain child whether Google  Inc  or the representatives who speak for Google will admit it or not. Check out my blog post and tell me if I am wrong.

Ray Kurzweil

So what is Project Loon? The idea is actually very simple to build a ring of balloons, flying around the globe on the stratosphere and provide Internet access to the earth below. I for one would appreciate it since many times I cannot get connectivity in Marina Del Rey, CA because of various reasons…the real reason is that there are gaps in the internet beam access on today’s 3G Network.


So how do they want to accomplish this that Verizon and other internet service providers could not? Their solution is easy: solar-powered, remote controlled balloons would be in the stratosphere about 12-15 miles above the surface of the earth, well above the altitude where the planes fly and they communicate with special antennas and receiver stations on the ground.

Internet Savvy Realtor in Los Angeles Endre Barath

Now keep in mind this is what I call “revolutionary” Governments have spent millions and millions of dollars to work on Satellite communication….here comes Google and they have a solution on what I consider truly low tech and simple way of solving the communication challenges.


So what you are seeing in blogosphere is the Pilot program that Google is testing in New Zealand as we speak. So if you are not sleeping and are aware check out the internet that is all everyone is buzzing aboutJ


Just as a post script Google said it is a culmination of 18 months worth of work but obviously this was one of the reasons Ray Kurzweil has joined Google six months ago be Prepared that once they prefect this project, fiber optic cables will be a distant memory.


Now keep in mind NASA, the Defense Department and various other countries have been studying Balloon science. The bottom line is they all were doing it as a secret military and mostly covert operation. Google wants the world to be connected. This in my opinion will have a huge impact on the underdeveloped and the developing nations as they will be brought into the Internet, digital age. I see this will not only effect economic, military as well as social movements. The world as we know it now will be more connected and there will be many positive effects.


So some of you who saw UFO’s in the past 6-18 months in California were actually seeing Google Baloons since before heading to New Zealand they spent a few months here in California’s Central Valley. So stay tuned as things develop.


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