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Playa Vista Residents vs. the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services

Posted on Feb 20, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Playa Vista Residents vs. the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services

Home Owners of the Planned Urban Development are about the battle the City of Los Angeles with good reason. The Parking Enforcement has been busy coming around giving Tickets to vehicles parked in this great self contained community. If you are not a resident you would say “so what is the big deal”? Well they are ticketing the vehicles on Street Cleaning Days. Again you might say “…well it is street cleaning day and the vehicle owners should know better than to park….”

The City of Los Angeles is aggressively citing the vehicles with parking tickets on street cleaning days. Ironically for the past three years the Developer has been responsible for the cleaning of the community’s streets and the city of Los Angeles has not. So then why are the City Coffers getting filled with Parking Enforcement Revenue? So the approximately 8000 residents have a legitimate complaint.

I find it ironic that the Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s comments were that he was not aware of the problem and at the same time he emphasized even though there are no services provided by the city of Los Angeles the residents and visitors still need to abide by the sign since that is the “law”. So there is a bureaucratic snafu taking place according to the city’s Department of Transportation the  planned community’s infrastructure was “not accepted” its streets  for various reasons and inadvertently placed the sings before the streets were “accepted”….so none mentioned it to the Parking Enforcement Bureau. 

Playa Vista Planned Community Parking

Now I am a Realtor who represents buyers and sellers in the Playa Vista Community and tenants and landlords in the Playa Vista Community, not an attorney, but I would not be surprised that there are Residents who will seek legal advice on what to do. So I can see a legal fight brewing about the Street Cleaning as well as the Fines. Stay tuned as I hear updates I will pass it on.


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