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Playa Vista ,CA. Parks Part #1

Posted on Nov 6, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

A few people have written about this very unique Urban Community, One can not say enough good things. This is the first Planned Urban Development in Los Angeles for over fifty years.

 What makes this neighborhood community so unique? There are about ten Parks, open space, a Library, Restaurants, coffee shops I can go on and on. Today I will talk about five of the Parks in this great semi private community.

  1. Fountain Park, as the name implies, there is a colorful fountain surrounded with a patio and tables. (This park reminds me of a European center of town).

 2. Crescent Park, every time when I drive by, I see residents walking their dogs, parents playing with small children, or adults playing Frisbee. No other place comes to mind where there is such a site in LA outside of Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills.

3.  Concert Park, I could hardly wait for this long awaited park to arrive. There were discussion that this outdoor venue would hold evening concerts, movies in the park, block parties and other events. The anticipation and wait was well worth it. Now you can see residents with chairs enjoying the entertainment on pleasant evenings.

4.  Spyglass Park, visitors, locals and residents can use telescopes to observe birds and wildlife of the Ballona Wetlands. The developers had to and wanted to make sure that this rare bird sanctuary would be protected as this new community would be built around and near it.

5.  Chess Park, for the want to be Bobby Fishers of Playa Vista, you can play on oversized chess pieces and become future Grand masters.

 Next time I will mention the others. Interestingly enough there are more planned.

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