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Planned Power Outage in parts of Marina Del Rey, CA

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Planned Power Outage in parts of Marina Del Rey, CA

Planned power outages give the opportunity to complete ongoing maintenance and upgrade the grid with newer materials and technologies. It is part of Southern California Edison’s long-term plan to help revitalize Southern California’s power grid. This is all good for the long term benefit of better service for the increasing demand that the growing Marina Del Rey population needs.

What does that mean in the short term for us consumers of electricity in the Marina? For me specifically since I work out of the House mostly, either a relaxing day or I better go to the nearest Coldwell Banker Office or nearest Starbucks for Internet Service. I opted to relax today and went for a walk to see what Southern California Edison is doing in my complex. Enjoy the pictures that I took with my Blackberry.

Edison In Marina Del Rey

Well I discovered since it is the 28th of February, some people were moving in and the elevators were not working, also found out one of my neighbors who park next to me in the garage are moving to Wine Country, ironically today. The Stream that meanders around the complex was not running, since it is powered by electricity. Some of the subterranean garages were extremely dark. The always busy Maintenance Department was operating with Generator Power.

Channel View Real Estate in Marina Del Rey,CA

None of my kitchen appliances were operational, from coffee pot to refrigerator, hence no toasting of anything, no microwaving of anything and I can go on and on. No Television, no radio, no stereo, no internet and not even the Land Line Telephones were functioning.

Marina Del Rey Real Estate by Endre Barath

I also discovered how nice and peaceful the complex was with no artificial noise polluting the area. There were only noises from a few birds chirping, one or two people on their balconies making phone calls, outside of that, total silence.

Thank you Southern California EDISON for this planned POWER OUTAGE. In spite of the serenity I am glad it is one day out of the year.


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