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Posted on May 1, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

While every one has been bussy worrying about the Swine-flu, the economy and  appraisal changes, quietly an independently-owned and privately funded company has unveield its new interactive pet travel and transportation website. This move makes them one of the first and one of its kind in the Pet Transportation Industry.

I found out thanks to Rachel Farris, Director of PR & New Media at I met her on the internet in a pet discussion forum and then l saw her post on LinkedIn  I wanted to share this with all pet lovers who have not heared about this.

Pet owners can now enjoy the following features on the new website:

1. PetRelocation specialists answer  pet travel questions in the Ask Our Experts section

2. PetRelocation Video Channel stars Bruno the dog and Chatty the cat  discuss friendly airlines, pet travel arrangements and pet travel crates.

3.The Resources section contains international pet import requirement checklists for nearly every country in the world.

The best par is all this is FREE!

They are truly a great company, the spirit of a truly animal friendly organization. Their attitude is experessed by the CEO Kevin O’Brien  so I must quote “…we want our websites to reflect the spirit of our company, not just another pet travel website…we are different from other companies in that no matter who you are, if you are moving a pet, PetRelocation wants to help you–even if it is just providing free pet ravel advice..”

How cool is that! So please visit their website and spread the word in your animal sphere of influence.

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