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Parking Meters in Santa Monica or anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles

Posted on Jan 19, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Parking Meters in Santa Monica, CA or anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area!

Those of you who read my blog post might remember I wrote a post some time ago about Parking Meters of the Past and the Future. Naively I wrote this post around June of 2012 ( ) and I titled it Parking Meters, past, present and future. Needless to say the picture I used one was of the past and one of the present (I meant 2012). So the future was not that far out. I was amazed that credit cards were being utilized and then they were going to make them pressure sensitive so when you leave the time starts fresh for the next person.

Anyway, I find that Street Parking Regulations are intentionally convoluted. I am sure you have seen the signs stacked on top of each other: One sign says No Parking 8am to 10am Tuesday Street cleaning. Then the sign above it say Vehicles with district No.13 permits exempted. Then there is a sign above it” No Parking all other times”, then above it” 2 hour parking 8am to 6pm”. Anyway you get the idea. Basically you need to have either a law degree of someone who can figure out puzzles.

Parking Signs in Los Engeles, Endre Barath

My theory is that Parking Regulations are intentionally convoluted so you end up getting a ticket and help the local municipality’s coffers.  The historian in me decided to do a little research and found that evidently in Los Angeles around April of 1920 a frustrated City Council ordered a stringent parking ban during work hours, because there were so many cars and they jammed the curbside parking in the city. I did a bit of further research and my understanding is that in Los Angeles more than tens of millions of dollars come in are from parking citations. Needless to say, I try to avoid helping the municipalities’ budgets by not parking in these spaces.

solar powered parking meters, Endre Barath

I rather park at Metered Spots and help the municipalities add tens of millions of dollars into their coffers, but not by citations. Anyway: please look at this picture, the Technology has increased at lightning speed. Now you can see Solar Powered Parking Meters. Also focus on these people trying to figure out how to use this “New Technology”. Take my word for it not as easy and when these machines are out of order you need to find another machine and hope that the Parking Enforcement will not give you a Citation while you are trying to figure out how to pay for you parking spaceJ


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