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Parking Meters in Manhattan Beach, CA: Past, Present and Future!

Posted on Jun 24, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Parking Meters in Manhattan Beach, CA: Past, Present and Future!

In fairness to disclosure, I am all for progress. Then again sometimes we get confronted with the past and we are pleasantly surprised that “old” is still good and it works.  No need to change it since it still works.

 As you know I love to go to Manhattan Beach, CA all the time. I blog about this community and all the great things it has to offer to the visitors, locals and neighbors. This was a fun experience for me to discover as the past and the present are crossing paths and the future is nearby.

Parking can be a challenge during the summer months, unless you know where the “available spots” are. As it turns out I do, FYI you need to park one street above Manhattan Ave if there are none available. The only thing you need is “Quarters” now with that said check out this Parking Meter where I parked.


 Parking Meter in Manhattan Beach Endre Barath 

(Working Parking Meter by Endre Barath,Jr)

Now if you are walking or driving on Trendy Manhattan Avenue this is the type of Parking Meters you will find. Make sure your credit card is handy Check out this photo:

Modern Working Parking Meter in Manhattan Beach by Endre Barath

 (Modern working parking meter in Manhattan Beach CA by Endre Barath,Jr.)


So what does the future hold? I have heard that there is a plan in place in the Greater Los Angeles area that once you pulled out of your parking spot the Time will automatically reset to Zero. In other words gone will be the days when you find an empty spot and generally you could be rewarded with anywhere from 1 minute to 45 minutes of free parking. So sad, no more chances of winning the Parking Lottery!


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