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Pacific Palisades Fixer Upper Listing Presentation!

Posted on Oct 28, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Pacific Paisades Fixer Upper Listing Presentation!

Many people wonder what life is like in the day of a Realtor. Well let me tell you something, during my time of being a Realtor with many co-workers, I found that there were numerous Realtors wanted to write books, plays and comedy shows  to let the general public   know what our day to day activity consist of. Every time I heard this, I started to laugh, and commented that no one would appreciate it, nor no one would want to hear it.


So here comes Active Rain and wants us to share our most strange, our weirdest or out of the ordinary incident we had as a Realtor.  Being a Realtor for over 15+ years, let me tell you it is a large array of choices and events that I could share. The question is what would you like to hear about?


Is it my own naivety? Or the most unusual incident trying to show a home, or is it the strangest occurrence? Needless to say I had a lot to choose from. So as I am racking my brain out, what do my readers want to hear about? Is it the time I called Diane to make sure if she does not hear from me in two hours, please call the police and send them to this address (a weird listing appointment)? Or when I walked in with a potential buyer in the San Fernando Valley to a home and there was a movie being made, FYI in case you did not know the San Fernando Valley is the home of the Porn Capital of the world? Or is it when my buyer and I got stuck inside a Garage of a Condominium Complex?

Pacific Palisades Fixer uppers Endre Barath

Needless to say the hardest part is to choose the story. So with that said. I will tell you about my car’s malfunction storyJ


It was 2005 and I just got a New Lexus RX 330 I was very proud of it and enjoyed driving it. Next thing I know it is 2007 and I have a Listing Appointment in Pacific Palisades, I present my case as to why I should be the listing agent of this great fixer home… I leave and get in my car… next thing you know is I cannot start the car, the long and short of it. For some reason I had a faulty battery, lucky for me I did not park in the drive way of my listing appointment, rather parked five homes away on the street.

fixer upper homes in Beverly Hills CA endre Barath

I was frantically calling AAA for a jump start. Partial Happy ending, no one noticed my tragedy, so no embarrassment. Sadly the sellers decided not to list with anyone because they did not think  $990,000 was a good list price for their fixer inheritance…Instead they leased the house out thru Craig’s list. So sadly no one got to sell or lease their home! And for me it was just a stressful evening with about $200 out of pocket for battery and service call!

fixer upper homes in the Hollywood Hills,CA Endre Barath,jr

Oh well day in a live of a Realtor in the Greater Los Angeles area competing for a Fixer home. Now with that said the good news is I still have the same batteryJ


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