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One Phone Call could save the Life of a California Shelter Animal! Make the Call!

Posted on Feb 4, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

One Phone Call could save the Life of a California Shelter Animal! Make the Call!

Did you know that right now under the Hayden’s Law, animals in shelters must be kept alive for reclamation or adoption for at least 4-6 days after they have been found? This is not a long time for the animals. Many people think that “Shelter” is what it sounds like the reality California is NOT a “No-Kill Shelter State”. IF the animals are not reclaimed by their owners or are not rescued by an “Animal Rescue Organization” or someone who wants to adopt a pet and goes to the Shelter to pick out an animal, YES you guessed it: The animals can be put down!

Dougy & Jack in a home

So as I mentioned above 4-6 days is a short window period to accomplish this. Now to make matters worse Governor Jerry Brown is planning to repeal this key provision of the Hayden’s Law. He wants to reduce this time period to less than 3 days. That is a scary thing for animals. Also he wants to cut back on the shelter hours of operation during evenings and weekends when working families have time, opportunity  and interest in adopting dogs and cats.

Chiachi in Marina Del Rey ,CA by the beach

If you are an animal lover and live in California make the call. Call Governor Jerry Brown’s office 1.916.445.2841 when you get to the automated message press #1 for English and then press #6 for a person, give them your first name and let them know you are opposed to Governor Brown’s intent on repealing these key provisions from Hayden Law!


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