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On these Hot Days make sure you hydrate yourself as well as your pets!

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


On these Hot Days make sure you hydrate yourself as well as your pets!


 In case you have not heard:  Breaking news is that the temperatures will remain in the 100 degree range in the majority of the Greater Los Angeles area.


On these hot days make sure you have enough water to hydrate yourself as well as your four legged friend. Dogs need to drink too. So often I see people walking their dogs and the dogs tongue is hanging out and panting. This is a clear sign your pet needs some water.

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As the temperatures hover over the 100 degree mark in the San Fernando Valley as well as Downtown Los Angeles, please make sure that you both have enough water to hydrate yourselves.


This post is not meant to be condescending, rather just a quick reminder from your Pet Friendly Realtor as a public service message.


While I am on the subject do not leave your dog or dogs in the car either, bring them with you where ever you go. They will thank you for it with lots of kisses and tail waggingJ.

BTW it is hot even in Marina Del Rey, CA we have had 79-81 degrees daily! So this advice applies even on the Beach Cities of Marina Del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica and even Malibu!

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