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On my planet: I would preserve nature and work in conjunction with…

Posted on May 1, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

On my planet I would preserve nature and work in conjunction with protecting nature as we develop our cities, towns and urban structures.

Many times as I get older I am finding myself talking to myself “If I was king” I would do this or I would do that.

Well one of my fellow Active Rain members created a contest to address this very subject, something along the same lines. He called it “Not on my planet” well this truly intrigued me, but I have been so busy and not focusing on this until now, (nothing like waiting to the last moment). I realized that if I had total control over decisions then I would make sure that we live in harmony with nature and integrate our modern way of life by being cognizant of nature and not destroy but rather preserving it.

developers working with nature in MDR, Endre Barath

We clearly have the ability to work with nature and still create great architecture and allow developers to make money without destroying our environment.  Still I see many developers who are trying to take shortcuts at the expense of our environment and nature. So how could I stop them? The answer is very easy.

endre barath, marina del rey realtor

I will use the example that exists in Finland when it comes to controlling speeding cars on the road. The technique is very effective. If you drive at excessive or should I say above the posted speed limit in Finland and you get pulled over by the police your ticket is based on your “income”. Basically you have to pay a portion of your income for the speeding ticket. So visualize this, if you are very affluent and you make a lot of money your Fine will be much larger than if you are a common unskilled laborer per cent age wise it will be the same. Needless to say the result is the same: the per cent of your income will be equally painful to your wallet. Hence there are virtually no speeding violations in Finland.

excalibur on the road, Endre Barath, Los Angeles Realtor

Now with that said if developers did not behave as “good developers” maintaining and working in conjunction with preservation of our natural habitats and resources they would be punished or fined based on their income. Then I am confident that “on my planet” we would only have “good and caring developers”.


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