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OK it has been a while since I had a Rant!! I guess it is high time!~

Posted on Mar 23, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

OK It has been a while since I had  a Rant!!! I guess it is high time!

 There was a time when I used to get really annoyed when Active Rain unexpectedly pulled the “Curtain” down. Most old timers know what I am talking about: “We are sorry to surprise you….but we are making things better…” allegedly or words to that affect.

Well for the past three weeks it has been a challenge to sign in. No curtain just a pain in the derriere…

Well as most of us we all have times we try to do certain things: better known as time blocking”J long and short last night I could not even find Active Rain on the World Wide Net not alone expect the curtain…so I missed out on my routine of Blogging and the on top did not get to do my late night post.

So here we are today as nothing happened no explanation, no well sorry for messing up… and here are the “new & improved changes” nothing….

So with that said I am just curious did anyone else note any new improvements? Or any two steps backwards and one step forward???


For those of you who are New to AR this is a Private Post and only the community sees itJ also I tried getting a copy of the picture but no such luck amybe next time


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