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North East Corner of historic Laurel Canyon & Sunset Blvd aka 8181 Sunset Blvd.

Posted on Dec 29, 2014 by in Observations about various subjects | 0 comments

North East Corner of historic Laurel Canyon & Sunset Blvd aka 8181 Sunset Blvd.

As I was waiting to meet my out of Country Client to look at properties I figured might as well enjoy the activity. As I sat in my car at the Chevron Station I managed to watch a few Hollywood locals pass through the Gas Station. Most people seemed to be in a good mood it was sunny and about 65 degrees. Not too cold but comfortable enough to get everyone out on this late Sunday morning. Keep in mind this is where everyone fills up their cars, trucks and other transportation vehicles before they venture into the hills.

Keep in mind Laurel Canyon is rich with Hollywood History, the road was built around 1907 or so and lots were subdivided and sold off Lookout Mountain Ave around 1910 or so. They were mostly hunting lodges, bungalows and small cottages. This is where Angelino came for the weekends and summer vacations. In time it become more built up.

Then in the 1960’s it became home to not only the Hippies but to the likes of Frank Zappa who had a log cabin in the hills. Jim Morrison lived near the Canyon Country Store. Mamma Cass Eliot of the Mammas and Pappas called Laurel Canyon home. It was not unusual to see Mick Jagger, Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Anyway I did not mean to digress. Just made me remember and recognize that the people who were filling up at this historic Gas Station are the new, current and future who is who of the entertainment scene of Los Angeles. As I was thinking of all the changes I realized that things remain the same.
Then my client showed up. Off we went to find her future spot in Historic Laurel Canyon! Now with that said check out these two pictures!



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