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No Easy Day, the autobiography of a Navy Seal from Seal Team Six!

Posted on Nov 11, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

No Easy Day, the autobiography of a Navy Seal from Seal Team Six by Mark Owen

Since today is Veterans Day I thought this would be a good time to thank all the Veterans and in this particular Blog Post I wanted to send out a Special Thanks to The United States Navy Seals and in particular to Seal Team Six.

military friendly realtors in Los Angeles Endre Barath

As Realtors we always mention in our Blog Post that “today was not an easy day” well compared to what Seal Team Six did on May 1st 2011 all our days are “Easy Days”.

military friendly realtors in Los Angeles Endre Barath

When I was in Ranger School a hundred years ago, I had the honor of being in the same class with two Navy Seals. I have learned to respect their skills, physical fitness, mental strength as well as their military skills and I was proud to be in the same class with them. They motivated me and thought me lessons in life I will never forget!

relocation specialist from the east coast to the west coast endre barath

 Recently as I was on my way to Boston, MA   for a mini Vacation, I saw this book at the Airport “NO EASY DAY” the firsthand account of the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden, by Mark Owen a pseudonym for the real Seal Team Leader of the mission. Thought there was a familiarity with the author’s name Mark Bowden of Black Hawk Down and Killing Pablo’s fameJ.

Well when we got home from our vacation I immediately jumped in and read the book. Keep in mind this is Non Fiction, I am not a big fan of reading Non Fiction, but this book read like Fiction! Fast paced and very accurate from my perspective as having been involved with the Military in various capacities!

relocation specialist Endre Barath,Jr. Realtor in Los Angeles

I was sorry that I had “real work” to do and could not just read the entire book in one sitting. If I did not have to eat, sleep and work I would have read the book in one sitting. It was hard to put it down. Three evenings later I finished.

If you want to know what our military does to keep us safe, than this is a must read for all Active Rainer’s, Civilians and previous military? So I want you to know, that if you do not read this book, you are doing a disservice to yourself.

I will sign off with the Traditional RLTW! (To my brothers they know, for those who do not RLTW= Rangers Lead The Way!) FYI the Navy Seals Motto is “Yesterday was an easy day”!

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