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New Couch, no New Sofa Bed: whose is it? my Couch! No their Sofa Bed!

Posted on Mar 31, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

New Couch ,  no New Sofa Bed: whose is it? It’s my CouchJ! No their Sofa Bed!

The other day Diane decided to get rid of the old Couch and get a new one. Not only is it a Sofa it is a Bed too. Keep in mind; she wanted the best, since we are expecting visits from friends and her father during the year. She did not want to put them in a Guest Suite near, where we live; rather she preferred her father and our friends to stay with us.

los angeles luxury homes endre barath

So after a detailed internet research and personal visits to two different Bed Stores we decided on a Queen Sized Sofa bed. Not too large, hence it does not dwarf the living area. The Sofa Bed is actually custom built. I did not realize we had to pick the size, style, quality of the mattress as well as the overall  quality of the other materials and of course the color of the cloth covering it. Hard to believe how much thought had to be put into this piece of furniture, since there are so many varieties and styles. Not mentioning the price if you Google it you will find it is listed in the World’s Most Expensive Dual –Purpose sofasJ (I anticipate this will last a life time, well it should for the price)

So after typical drama of delayed delivery, sales person who handled the transaction was no longer employed by the place where we bought the Sofa Bed from and a few frustrated follow up calls by Diane the Sofa Bed arrived!

Jack, Jill & Dougy on the Sofa Bed, Endre Barath

So certain rules were put in effect: 1. I am not allowed to have Wine, especially Red Wine near the Sofa, 2. I cannot sit on it when I am having food with a TV Tray and more importantly I cannot lay on it when watching TVJ so with such strict rules tell me whose Sofa Bed is this? Is it mine, is it ours or is it theirs?


 jack the new owner of the Sofa Bed


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