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NBA Playoffs have started: This made me reflect what is more important Character or Reputation in our Profession

Posted on Apr 18, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

As the NBA Playoffs have started, I was lucky to get home and be able to watch the last half of the Boston Celtics Miami Heat game.WOW what a game, coming from behind and winning. Now that is what the salesman in me loved.  The Boston Celtics players have brought with them all their skills to the game, giving their all and ultimately beating the Miami Heat. This made me reflect.

That is exactly what a Realtor does; the Skills are brought to the table when representing buyers or sellers. For buyers the Realtor is negotiating the best deal in their purchase. For the sellers the Realtor is Marketing the property and then negotiating the sale to the best the Market Conditions allow.

The best and most respected basketball coach John Wooden in his book “Wooden- a lifetime of observations and reflections on and off the court” said Character is the most important ingredient. He states clearly one should be more concerned with your Character than with your Reputation.

I found this fascinating being in a business where we are always focused on Reputation. Wooden states Reputation is often based on Character—but not always.

Wooden states that a person of character is Trustworthy and honest…..the other kind of person looks for the easy way out…..

I have never found the easy way, so I had to work harder and longer and I developed Character. If you agree with this way of doing business, then you are subscribing to John Wooden’ Fundamental Goal. The goal in life is the same as in basketball: make the effort to do the best you are capable of doing.

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