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My Mother’s French salad Recipe!

Posted on Apr 14, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

My Mother’s French salad Recipe! First of a few more to come:))

As most of you who know me I do the cooking in our relationship. I have loved to cook since I was a child. Did not want to do it Professionally, I felt, as soon as you cook for more than 4-6 people it becomes work and not a hobby, nor fun. (At least for me)

 So last year Diane wanted to throw a Marathon Party for her friends. Long story short I was asked to do the party instead of cater it. I have made many dishes; there was one recipe which I received from my mother many years ago, I decided to include it. For some reason it was a big hit. I have never written or given out Recipes, so needless to say everyone wanted this particular recipe. After many months I thought the interest would pass. It did not. So after a year plus, I finally wrote down the recipe because one of Diane’s friends kept insisting, requesting it.

Then I thought, why not share with everyone. So with that I present you My Mother’s French Salad.:

Juli, from Arizona, let me know what you think:))) 

Recipe: French Salad

This Salad can be varied depending on what ingredients we have available.

Portions depend on how one uses it, such as an appetizer or a side dish.



10 oz (minimum) frozen mixed vegetables (cubed cut)

Apple (one) preferably crunchy & tart or  a jicama

Pickle (one or two) from the jar depending which flavors one prefers. I like Bubbies of San Francisco

Celery Root


Mayonnaise (4-5 tablespoons), and sour cream (8oz) / or Miracle Whip – if using Miracle Whip, use in place of both the mayo and the sour cream; or mix mayo with Miracle Whip and omit the sour cream

Lemon juice (1 teaspoon)

Sugar (1 teaspoon) or Honey (I prefer honey) if you use, honey, use a bit more than 1 teaspoon, since it is not as sweet as sugar.




Cook the Celery Root, can be cooked in advance night before and refrigerated. (I like to cook it in chicken stock)

Par boil vegetables (I am a fan of cooking in chicken stock) this can be done the night before and refrigerated as well.

Cooking the night before allows the vegetables to be completely chilled. 


Mayonnaise is too strong by itself hence mixing it with sour cream or Miracle Whip. In order that the dressing will not be too tart mix the sugar or honey with the lemon juice to taste. Again, I prefer honey.

Combine/fold all ingredients with a rubber or similar type spatula not to crush the vegetables, return to refrigerator until ready to serve.  Can also be brought to room temperature for serving.


Above is the finished product with two other items (if you are intrigued let me know and I will provide the recipe for them:)))

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