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My Love Affair with Vintage Typewriters: it is never ending!

Posted on Nov 23, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

My Love Affair with Vintage Typewriters: it is never ending



Vintage Typewriters: I have a love affair with vintage typewriters. It goes back to when I was stationed in West Germany. I was walking in Frankfurt, one of the main cities in Germany, very close to where I was stationed (Aschaffenburg) I came upon a flea market where I saw a few classic typewriters. Hard to believe now there was one for about $50 and I was too “frugal” so I didn’t buy it. Since then I have seen the same style of typewriters anywhere from $100-$400. Needless to say, it is not about the money it is about wanting and having a vintage typewriter.


Then one day Diane and I went to the Santa Monica Airport Museum where my eyes zoomed in on J yes it was the typewriter. Today I have Blackberry phone with a keyboard, and they are the last of the dying breed. Diane has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and no keyboard.  She misses her Android with the pull-out keyboard and complains about it daily. 

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Lucky for me, I am still typing on my Dell laptop but sooner or later I will have to face facts:  we will not have typing tools. It will only be on the screen. I am going to miss the typewriter, the various ways of touching the keys to generate a letter, an article, it is all very intimate. How will I write a post and who knows what next?  Will I have to become a ‘swyper’?


One day I will have my vintage typewriter, not to type on it, but just to enjoy looking at it and reminisce about earlier days when we actually typed on them. I can still see Hemmingway, Ludlum, Follett and many other writers typing away, creating some of the most amazing novels.


 On a side note did you see the movie “Atonement”?  If you have the soundtrack, a vintage typewriter keyboard plays a large role.


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