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Market Snapshot of the Single Family Homes in Marina Del Rey,CA

Posted on Oct 7, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

As I was researching my last post and looking at land size vs. living square feet in the Marina Del Rey Peninsula and the Silver Strand it occurred to me.  Just as I was interested to see, what the Market Snapshot was for Single Family Residences the community would be equally interested to see, what the numbers are in this turbulent real estate market? 

Presently there are twenty three Single Family Residences on the Market for Sale

Two homes are in Escrow and ten sold year to date. 

The least expensive home on the Market is listed for $1,950,000.00 and the most expensive is listed for $5,999,000.00. From the homes, that sold year to date, the least expensive home sold for $1,412,500.00. Interestingly enough it sold for $14,000.00 above the asking price. Obviously it was in a bidding situation, where there was more then one buyer trying to acquire this home. The most expensive sale was for $3,525,000.00. 

Now for the readers, who are not familiar with Marina Del Rey, in particular to the Silver Strand and the Peninsula? I want you to know, that the homes are generally on lots ranging from 2700sq ft to 4500sq ft. So as you can imagine it is truly Prime Land. These homes are less then 500 yards from the Beach.

 All data was taken from the Multiple Listings Service.(MLS-CLAW)

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