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Marina Del Rey, CA Grocery Stores

Posted on Sep 4, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

I have been meaning to  to write about the Grocery Stores in Marina Del Rey, CA. I had to stop first and write about the demographics and population before. It is hard to believe that in this coastal community of Marina del Rey,( 8,000+ in Marina Proper or 18,000+ in 90292 zip code) there are so many Grocery Stores.

First I must let you know I love to cook, therefore I am passionate about having good and fresh produce. I am a firm believer the meal you prepare is only as good as the ingredients. The better the ingredience the better the meal.

So let me begin:

 Gelson’s is located at  13455 Maxella Ave,Marina Del Rey,CA 90292 Tel.310.306.2952 They have a fantastic cheese selection, their fruits and vegetables  seem hand picked. Their prepared food is fresh.The store is spotless. The servers are very gracious and helpfull. When I hold an Open House I order from Gelson’s to prepare for me a Fruit Platter and Finger Sandwiches. I have never been disapointed. They always have it ready and on time.

Ralph’s Grocery Store(s)  yes plural with in three blocks there are two.

Hard to believe. one is three hundred yards from the above mentioned store at 4311 Lincoln Blvd. Marina del Rey, CA. 310.574.0909(tel)  almost directly at the corner of Maxella. The Produce are fresh and they have a decent  fresh seafood selection. I can see that they try to compete with Gelson’s. Afterall if you live in the Azura, you can just walk here and do not need to get in your car. How convenient.( I know if you are from LA you are supposed to drive, well amazingly they have a good size parking lot as well.

The other Ralph’s is around the corner and three blocks from there at 4700 Admiralty Way,Marina Del Rey,CA 90292   310.823-4684(tel) Hard to believe they have a great Sushi Bar. The bakery is wonderfull as well.Try their Brownie Bites. I guess they want to make sure I do not drive  to the other Ralphs.

Now  if you do not want to be near the Water when you do your Grocery shopping. Then take a drive to

Albertson’s at 13401 Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (tel) 310.574.0606 outside of their large sellection of Produce, they have one of the largest Liquor (hard liquor) Department. I do not drink the stuff, but it  left me an imression. (I am a wine drinker…)

Then if you do not like the stores I mentioned above  there is a Costco at 13411 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 310.754.2000 Hard to believe directly next door to Albertson’s.

In conclusion I am ammazed that all these stores not only survive but prosper within such close proximity of each other. With all the restaurants nearby there is no reason to visit a Grocery Store. As I have been saying over and over  the weather is great and it does not matter if  you live here or come to visit it is a special treat to be in Marina Del Rey, CA.


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