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Manhattan Beach: Do you know the history of this great beach city?

Posted on Apr 28, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Manhattan Beach: Do you know the history of this great beach city? The Population of this city is about 34,000 people. I love this great beach city with its Ocean View Properties and keep visiting it over and over, when I have some free time. I have blogged about its Shops, Stores and I keep getting drawn to it, like a magnet draws metal to it.

 John Merrill bought the south portion of Rancho Sausal Redondo and called his new acquisition Manhattan, named after his previous home of Manhattan of New York City. It is 3 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The city has about 2 plus miles of Beach Front.

The first downtown building was built by Merrill around 1901 and about the same time two piers were built as well. So for history buffs this was the beginning of the city. For the history purists, the actual official incorporation date was December 7, 1912.

The next pier was built on the original site of the first wooden pier and it extended about 922 feet into the ocean. This was completed and dedicated on July 5, 1920.

The bulk of the people who moved here were servicemen who were visiting during World War II and after the war returned here for obvious reasons you can see from my pictures. The most obvious is the climate all year around. Just to confirm I took these picture on November 28, 2010, so you can see and almost feel how nice it is here. The year round average temperature ranges from a winter low of 55 degrees to a summer high of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.



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