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The Malibu Single Family Under Contract Properties have seen a huge increase!

Posted on Jan 23, 2015 by in Malibu | 0 comments

The Malibu Single Family Under Contract Properties have seen a huge increase!


The Malibu Single Family Residential market is moving along just fine, in spite of what you hear on the news or what is taking place throughout the rest of the United States there is a comfortable Real Estate Activity. As most of you who read my blog posts, know I just wrote about the time on the market has been shortening for Single Family Residence in Malibu. So I thought it would be appropriate to see how the under contract Properties are doing. In my opinion that is the true tell tale of what the market will be like in the next 45-90 days.

Not surprisingly there has been a 100% increase in the Under Contract Properties. To be specific in December 2013 there were 11 properties in Escrow. In December 2014 there were 22 properties that is double the amount i.e.: a 100% increase. Clearly this is an indication of things to come for 2015. Generally December is one of the slower months for Real Estate Activity in Malibu. The biggest reason is the demographics of Malibu is the “super affluent” hence they generally are away on vacations hence sales generally slow down. Needless to say technology has helped closing this gap, because thanks to the internet and technology like DocuSign you do not have to be local to list, negotiate and close on a Real Estate Transaction.

In addition to it are all the holidays which also slow down the Real Estate Sales Activity in Malibu. So now with that said, if you are considering buying or selling do not wait until the rest of all the buyers enter the market take advantage of the serious sellers as well as the serious buyers in Malibu. That will guarantee you a purchase or a sale. Now if you would like more information about the Malibu Real Estate Market please reach out to me directly. There are very expensive as well as relatively inexpensive homes in Malibu, it all depends what your likes, wants and needs are.


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