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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)update on Tom Bradley Terminal

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) update on the  Tom Bradley Terminal remodeling project!


As most of you know I have written a few blog posts over the years about LAX. For your convenience I have enclosed the links below in case you missed them. The timeliest was about the news when Westfield Management received the 17 year contract for the concessions at the Airport.

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Well, the Media, the architects, the local politicians, Airport Management and Westfield Management last week got the opportunity to preview the soon to be finished Tom Bradley International Terminal.

international Real Estate Agent in Beverly Hills Endre Barath


The Mayor of Los Angeles & the Executive Director of Los Angeles World Airports were glowing as they addressed the media and the special invitees to this red carpet ceremony. (Keep in mind this is Los Angeles “home of the red carpets”)


This overhaul of the International Terminal was started in 2009 and now we are looking at an Official Grand Opening in September. So why was this done now? The answer is clear, the current Mayor of Los Angeles will be leaving his position as Mayor in a few days; hence this was the last opportunity where he could place his official city stamp on this project and let everyone know that he was the one who made this happen.


I am sure the incoming Mayor will take advantage in September as well at the pomp and ceremony. After all this is Los Angeles home of Pomp & Ceremony. All chiding aside this was a much needed updating of one of the largest International World Airports!


Westfield at LAX       ( )


Gladstone’s of Malibu, LAX    (


Encounter Restaurant, LAX     (


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