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Light My Fire, the largest collection of hot sauce in LA and the World (not the song)

Posted on Jun 29, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, has been evolving, changing  and reinventig itself over the past seventy five years (75). Millions of people, who have visited this favorite tourist destination consisted of the   the famous, the infamous as well as the ordinary people who have come and gone, they all have left with many fond memories. In the past 17 years one of the most favorite destination places has been “Light My Fire”. 6333 W 3rd St Ste 212, Los Angeles, CA  90036. (323)930-2484

This small cubicle of a place holds at least a thousand if not more, different hot sauces from all around the globe. Some have been named after Celebrities, Politicians or just different Titles which conjure up various levels of heat in the potential buyer.

There are connoisseurs of ‘heat’ who come here to buy a hot sauce, which they are unable to buy anywhere else. Then you get the novelty collectors that just want to have a specific bottle not for consumption, rather just for display in their kitchens. Then there are the friends and family who want to buy a novelty present for their loved ones.

Even the ones who wonder in accidentally can not help themselves and buy on impulse.

Young Min and her husband opened this little Stall in 1998 in the Farmers Market. As I mentioned, the selections are phenomenal. The hot sauce bottles are stacked floor to ceiling. There is a bottle for every one, as well as every one’s budget. The cost conscious can buy a hot sauce for $0.99 as well as the affluent to which money is more abundant there are bottles of hot sauce all the way to $500.00.

Floor to Wall hot sauce

Make sure  to put this worth while destination on your things to do list for your next trip to the Grove and specifically the Farmer’s Market.

Showcase Window of Light My Fire

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