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Light Bulbs & More,West Los Angeles, CA 90025 the Superstore for bulbs

Posted on May 12, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Light Bulbs & More, West Los Angeles, CA. 90025 is the superstore for hard to find light bulbs. To give you a little background. The other evening we had a power failure in Marina Del Rey, CA. 90292. This lasted about three hours and Diane had our portable Lantern on to keep our home in a relatively light and safe condition. Needless to say she read in the instructions that the bulbs do not last a long time.


Hence my assignment was to get eight D batteries as a back up to the current ones for the lantern as well as two florescent light bulbs for the inevitable moment when one or both give out and we are in need to replace them. This appeared to be a simple assignment that turned into a project.


I went to Home Depot twice. The first time without and the second time with the Lantern, they assured me that they do not carry this model nor do they sell the light bulbs for this Lantern.  They suggested I go to Lamps Plus in Santa Monica, CA near 23rd street.  The individual did not speak very good English, this in turn put me on a wild goose chase on the West Side of Los Angeles.( Keep in mind now this is the third day of trying to complete this assignment between writing a few offers, doing listing presentations and trying to keep a couple of deals to stay in EscrowJ)

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As I am driving in Traffic getting more and more frustrated I called Diane and told her about my challenges. She remembered there was a Lamps Plus on Bundy Ave north of Olympic Blvd. Hence off I went. Much to my chagrin I am told by the sales person they do not carry this model or the light bulbs. Just as I am walking out he runs after me and says: I should go to Light Bulbs & More. Needless to say at this point this was my last resort since Diane kept telling me we should just order it on the Web. Not wanting to come home empty handed, off I went to Light Bulbs & More.

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Not counting the two trips to Home Depot, the scenic ride in heavy Friday Afternoon Traffic on the west side of Los Angeles, thanks to everyone’s help THE ASSIGNMENT was completed. Needless to say in the future I will be only going to Light Bulbs & More on the West Side of Los Angeles, CA.

So if you are in need of finding unusual or hard to find light bulbs and you live in the Greater Los Angeles Area, then Light Bulbs & More should be your destination place in Los Angeles, CAJ.

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