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Life imitates art or art imitates life? Well I will clear it up shortly!

Posted on Jan 5, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Life imitates art or art imitates life? Well I will clear it up shortly!

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Diane wanted to see the Performance of 12 Angry Men at the historic and quaint Pasadena Playhouse. This was an easy sell for me for a number of reasons:  (a) the Pasadena Playhouse is walking distance to Vroman’s,(  )   one of my favorite (and Southern California’s oldest independent) book stores; (b) the Pasadena Playhouse is also walking distance to Blaze Pizza  (;    and let us not forget (c) I have seen previous versions of Twelve Angry Men, including the 1957 movie version starring Henry Fonda.  Needless to say it was going to be a fun afternoon.

Pasadena playhouse, endre barath, 12 angry men

The play was written by none other than Reginald Rose. He was well known for his television writing but he is famously recognized for Twelve Angry Men. The movie version was released at a time when the Civil Rights Movement was picking up steam and the Montgomery Bus Boycott was fresh in everyone’s mind (1956). Not only was the drama played out in the movie but as well on the American national scene as well. I was surprised that in 2013 we would see race being added to the mix thanks to Director Sheldon Epps’ twist on the well-known plot, particularly when we have a second-term black president of the United States.

endre barath, los angeles realtor, Pasadena play

For those that aren’t familiar, the plot of the play is simple. There are 12 jurors in a jury room, and they have to decide the fate of the accused. The jurors are identified by numbers only, no names, and the entire play is dialogue as the true character and fiber of the individual jurors unfold. This is a great lesson about consensus building. 

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 I saw the Play form a different perspective. To me the plot and the dialogue paralleled an everyday real estate transaction.   Well it was easy for me to come to this conclusion.   In my observation the buyer’s agent, the buyer, the seller’s agent and the seller all have to come together for a consensus just like a jury. The buyers and sellers both have preconceived ideas of the value of a particular property and the Realtors’ job is to bring consensus. How is this accomplished clearly with dialogue? The buyers and the sellers come from different culture, geographic and socio economic backgrounds, but through dialogue they are brought together for the common goal of agreeing on the price and terms of the particular property. Once they reach this point, i.e., the verdict or agreement, then and only then is the sale made.

So if you missed the play but you have a chance see this classic movie, watch it and let me know what you think.

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