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Let’s Revisit, Modify the Mansionization Curbing Laws of Los Angeles

Posted on Oct 5, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

I do not want to sound radical or revolutionairy, we need to look at the recently passed Building Restriction Laws.

There has been a lot discussion about ‘Mansionization Curbing in Los Angeles’, prior to the Market turning. Subsequently there were legislation that passed and were signed into Law. I am a firm believer we need to revisit or modify some of these regulations. Please do not misunderstand my point I am trying to make. I have watched numerous oversized boxes, which contractors called houses on small lots, sprouted up everywhere, from Beverly Hills to Beverlywood. I am not in favor of building oversized boxes. 

I am all for having tastefully designed homes on any size lots. My concern is, that with the downturn of the Real Estate Market we have lost another buying segment from the Market, the Small Developer, who can only afford to buy one home, then either add on to the existing structure or tear down and build from scratch.

I am all for modifying the Los Angeles Building Restriction as ” a one-size fits-all policy”  this needs to be revisited. There should be a Scenic Review Board, just as there is one in The Beachwood Canyon area.  (For the tourists or non locals, that is where the famous HOLLYWOOD sign is located) 

I am going to use Marina Del Rey’s Silver Strand and the Marina Peninsula as examples, where this Manisonization restriction would not make any sense at all. Generally homes have an average lot size of 3,150 sq ft. The oversized lots are somewhere between 3600 sq ft to 5400 sq ft.  The living sq ft of the homes have approximately 3500sq ft to 5000sq ft. of living space.

 In spite of the close proximity of neighboring homes it is very desirable to live here and visitors from all over the US and the world come and marvel at the beauty of this local beach side community. How is this possible? The answer is easy. The homes were designed by visionary Architects. They are all different, but tastefully designed and built. 

In conclusion, I suggest community Architectural Review Boards approving or modifying new constructions in the Micro Communities of Los Angeles.

 Please feel free to add your comments pro or con.

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