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Jill’s Arrival to Marina Del Rey! A new addition to the household! Welcome Jill!

Posted on Sep 4, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Jill’s Arrival to Marina Del Rey! A new addition to the household!Welcome Jill! As some of you know  our beloved Heidi went to Rainbow Bridge in the middle of May this year opening an opportunity for a new critter to come into our home. So yesterday afternoon we figured it would be the perfect time to make the introduction to Douggy & Jack, since it is a long weekend with relatively little on our schedule. (since we graciously declined a few Labor Day Cookout invitations)

Fireplace Friends Heidi(RIP) Douggy & Jack on the seat

Overall it has been a major success. Jill decided she would rule the household. Jack accepted it quite well, just a little bit of sulking on his part.

Jill in the carrier, Diane, Douggy & Jack in the rear

Douggy took it the hardest, the elder statesman now of the household and not being Top in the Pecking Order. Funny how Alpha personalities are not affected by Age or Size. If you are the Leader you will take over and if you are a follower you will follow (sometimes begrudgingly:)

Douggy & Jill the first few moments

So with close supervision and a few glasses of wine Jill is now officially part of the household. Now with that said The Lange Foundation has room to save another kitty from the Shelters.


Jill within the first hour settled in well


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