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Income Property owner do you have Assault & Battery Liability coverage

Posted on Jul 21, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 Income Property  owners, do you have Assault and Battery Liability coverage?

Income Property in Los Angeles,CA Endre Barath

Well as most of you know, the Greater Los Angeles Income Property Market has been smoking now for the past two years. First, seasoned Investors started buying up everything from Duplex, Four-Units to ten plus units. They understood that renters would be afraid to purchase properties even though interest rates and prices were at an all time low. They understood that the consumer confidence was lacking.

This of course created an opportunity for the seasoned investor. Tenants would be competing for properties to live in; hence rents would be increasing without the fear of losing a tenant and having vacancies.

This followed by some novice or beginner investors entering the income property market. They started seeing, that if the seasoned ones were buying, maybe they should be as well. Therefore for the past two years, income properties were selling at a brisk pace.

image 55614910 by Gunnar Pippel

Now this brings me to my point, if you bought property recently for the purpose of investment, did you review your Property General Liability Coverage of your insurance policy? If not please check to see if you have:  Assault and Battery Liability Insurance.


This is very important “Assault & Battery” is generally, violence toward a victim, by anyone, staff, guests or other third party people. If you have rental property this is critical to have. Many insurance policies contain an “assault & battery exclusion”.


Keep in mind property owners are frequently sued by the victim when violence occurs on or near the premises for lack or poor security. So check with your Insurance Agent or Broker and get a policy that covers this potential liability.


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