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In-N-Out Burger near Los Angeles International Airport(LAX)Los Angeles

Posted on Feb 26, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

In-N-Out Burger near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Los Angeles, CA

If you live or have lived in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas & Utah more than likely you are familiar with the In-N-Out Burger establishments and have frequented it once or twice in your life time.

In-N-Out, Los Angeles Realtor Endre Barath


Chances are even if you have not lived in the above mentioned states, you have friends, relatives who might have coaxed you into eating at In-N-Out Burger. If you have not been to one I feel bad for you. Make sure you put it on your must visit destinations. If you are a vegetarian you can get it without the BurgerJ.

In-N-Out, Los Angeles Realtor Endre Barath

To give you a bit of history:  In-N-Out has been around since 1948. Store #1 was opened by Harry & Esther Snyder who started the business with the concept of buying fresh ingredients. What a novel ideaJ. The company still believes in the same ideals fresh ingredients and freshly made while you wait.

In-N-Out, Endre Barath los angeles Realtor

Recently I read with bemusement an “internet food guru” discussing In-N-Out Burger’s Menu and what it tells about you as an individual, based on your selection of the menu items.  Just as an example if you select the “animal style” burger this author indicated “…that you know how secret menus work…” Clearly the author was not aware that the “animal style burger” was introduced in 1961J. I guess unless you are unfamiliar with the history or just forgetful then this would fall in the “…secret menu…”J.

In-N-Out, Los Angeles Realtor Endre Barath,Jr.

After Harry Snyder passed away his two sons continued the family business as well as their father’s philosophy of taking care of their employees and treating them like family and serving the customers’ wants and needs.  As far as I am concerned, the world would be a better place if most of the businesses would apply this type of philosophy.

Fast forward to 1994 and In-N-Out Burger opens the 100th store in Gilroy, CA. 1998 they celebrated their 50th Anniversary and still upholding the same principles of dedication to their customers and employees. Amazingly enough they remain a family owned business. Sadly end of 1999 Guy Snyder the CEO passed away as well.

In 2005, the In-N-Out family celebrated their 200th store’s opening which was great that at least Esther Snyder was able to see her husband’s dream and vision materialize. Sadly the following year she passed away leaving a legacy of leadership and compassion unparalleled in the fast food industry.

2010 The third generation takes over the Leadership of this family owned company. Carrying on the tradition of the two previous generations of Snyder’s and expanding on the compassioned side by their Philanthropic Foundations.

In-N-Out Burger, Los Angeles, Endre Barath

IF you have not been to In-N-Out Burger you really must visit. If you land at LAX tell your limo, taxi or family who ever drives you first stop should be at one of the busiest Stores of the In-N-Out Chain and have a great meal. You will be glad you listened to my advice. So run, drive or walk to In-N-Out Burger


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