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I have a House in Tarzana, Should I sell Now or in January??

Posted on Oct 20, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

One of my client’s contacted me today  and left a voice mail and asked me: ‘…I have an investment home in Tarzana, Should I sell now or wait until January when there are more intrested buyers?…” You can imagine how interesting this voice mail was to me. I have blogged about the need to sell now vs. later.

Reference: Tarzana real estate market. I have analyzed the data and wanted to share with you. There are some serious price decreases. I have enclosed some of the statistics for your review. In comparison to September 2008 and September 2009 the median Sold Price has dropped by 44%. The Inventory supply is about 14 months. What that means is a long Marketing and Sales process is what we will be facing. 

 Reference: The question of waiting until January to market your house would be a mistake in my opinion, because the prices although are not free falling anymore, they are still decreasing. The serious buyers are still out during the holiday season. The buyers that are out there are generally not lookers; rather they are serious buyers, since the lookers are busy with the holidays. We would have a three months advantage over other sellers who would wait until January to market their home. We maybe even sell it before the end of the year, because some people need to buy for Tax purposes and others need to relocating.


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