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“I Blog for Wine” will be my new slogan, instead of “For All Your Real Estate Needs”

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments



“I Blog for Wine” will be my new motto, instead of “For All Your Real Estate Needs!”


As most of you who consistently read my blog posts know, I cover a wide variety of subjects. I often blog about my own cats, animal rescue organizations, cooking, recipes, books, wines, champagnes, local businesses and restaurants –  needless to say these are some of my favorite things that I think about. I also blog about real estate and real estate trends in the greater Los Angeles area as well.


 Thanks to Active Rain as my blogging platform, I have connected with numerous international real estate buyers from Europe and Asia and have sold them properties in the Greater Los Angeles Area.  I have also had some funny phone calls because of my blogging, some examples:  “How do I get to the Playboy Mansion for the Halloween Party?” (Wish I knew!) “Why does the last shuttle leaves so early from Marina Del Rey to Playa Vista?” “Are you the Manager of Hot Dog on the Stick in Santa Monica?”


It is a lot of fun blogging and I have perhaps the best story to share with you. Recently when Pope Francis was elected, there was hardly any other news on television at the time. Naturally, my ears perked up when I heard about a mysterious wine order, a wine-seller “The Redd Collection” and the Vatican, see enclosed link in case you missed it ( ).


endre barath, pope's wine


The story does not end there. I received an email the other day from none other than the owner of “The Redd Collection” Michael Carpenter ( Turns out, he read about my blog of his mysterious wine sale to the Vatican and wanted to know if I tried the wine since I blogged about his fun story and just in case I did not, then he would like to present me with a bottle of 2008 Papale Primitivo di Manduria from the producer Varvaglione.


papale primitivo, Endre Barath, Los Angeles Real Estate

I was totally thrilled, first because of the kind and generous nature of Michael Carpenter. I immediately responded that I would love a bottle and to meet him in person, any time any place. After a few emails, about a week or so later I had the pleasure of meeting him at his house and as you can see I have a bottle of the promised Pope’s WineJ. I was just as thrilled to get confirmation that people read my blog posts, and thanks to Google I rank high enough to have a solid readership.


papale primitivo, the redd collection, endre barath


With all this said, I plan to share this wine with friends and family at our Thanksgiving dinner, luckily for all, Thanksgiving is just right around the corner, so we will be uncorking it soonJ!


 Needless to say my mother and father and Diane’s mother will be in our hearts as we taste this wine, since my father once brought  Diane & I  a bottle of wine that was served at  another Pope’s Inaugural celebration around 1999 (Pope John Paul II) .  It was a white wine from a German winery.  Sadly due to hard drive crashes and two laptops later the pictures are gone only the wonderful memories remain.  Diane’s father will be the lucky one to share in the wine at Thanksgiving dinner this year.


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