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How was this version of the Mona Lisa achieved I bet you will not know

Posted on Aug 24, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

How was this version of the Mona Lisa achieved? I bet you a cup of coffee you will never guess unless someone  already shared it with you.

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Someone sent me these pictures and I was just awestruck with them and I had to share.

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I know most of you will say it was Leonardo Da Vinci.  I could not figure it out until I scrolled to the answer. Now with that said good luck!

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Well OK here is the answer: it was made out of 3604 cups of coffee on one of the streets in Sydney Australia and made into a giant Mona Lisa Painting.  Move over Leonardo Da Vinci each cup of coffee was made with a different amount of milk to give the different shades to complete the painting.


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