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How to improve my business in the 4th Qtr to help myself & my clients

Posted on Sep 15, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

How to improve my business in the Fourth Quarter to help myself & my clients for 2013


Not wanting to sound conceited or a braggart, I have been very successful in my business for the past three quarters of 2012; hence there is only minor tweaking that needs to be done to be more efficient for the fourth Quarter of 2012.


Home Office Streamlining:


I have planned on replacing my last scanner for the past six months or so. Where did the time go by? I will definitely invest into a new top of the line scanner for better efficiency. That will take care of my home office equipment being up to 100%. This will not only make me more efficient , but at the same time my clients will be able to read the various documents easier than now when in an emergency all I can to is I-Fax a document if it cannot wait until I get to the office to scan it in for them.


At the same time all those papers that are laying around in my home office, I will go thru it between now and the year end and either recycle, file or scan away!


Holiday Cards:


Generally I wait until the last minute in December when I send out my Holiday Cards to all my clients and friends, this year I will change directions and not be a procrastinator. I will send out my cards right after Thanksgiving Weekend! The benefit I see here is one I will be in their minds for a longer period of time and they will remember me that the card did not come in the last minute, hence it will be up longer if they display Holiday Cards!


Good News Email:


I publish a monthly newsletter to friends, clients and future clients. This year I will write a Year End Summary Email to everyone of how I think the Real Estate Market has fared in our part of the world. Getting the facts vs. the propaganda from the local media & the national media, this will let potential buyers and sellers have facts vs. theories and they can make informed decisions for 2013!


***This post was inspired by an Active Rain Challenge Contest on improving the 4th Quarter of 2012.


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