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How to get to Page one of Google, The Holy Grail… the dilemma…

Posted on Aug 14, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

How to get to Page one of Google: The Holy Grail of Realtors…the dilemma… Social Media Expert, SEO Experts, Internet Gurus, Successful Internet Realtors…

The list goes on and on… Everyone has a point, everyone has a theory and the message is either mixed or polar opposite from each other. So what is a Realtor to do? We all wonder on how to get the attention of Home Sellers, everyone agrees on one pointContent and more so good content in a blog post is the key.

Up to this point all the advice is the same, now this is where the directions change in the advice of all the experts.

Before I address this point let me go back in time:

Once the internet was accepted as a vehicle for communication, email eliminated or drastically reduced “snail mail” i.e.: what we used to call the Post Office and letters.( Sadly we lost an art, but that is another post)

This was followed by Texting, for convenience, not having to have to wait to get to the “internet” this clearly shortened the length of the posts.

 Twitter came on the scene almost a decade ago, eight years to be exact. The message was clear: people have short attention spans and do not want to read long emails as well as their need for quick, short answers became the norm.

Flutter has been around for a couple of years and their messages are shorter than Twitter’s this is all a continuation of shorter, faster and minimum attention span of the reader…

Email marketers have noticed that if you do not like the Subject Line or it is not compelling you will not even bother to open the email. It just simply gets deleted at best saved for a later time to read which does not happen.

So here is the Dilemma:  The Gurus state that good content is needed for Google to index you. First the message was a good post has to be 300 words, and then it increased to 600 words. Now these experts are saying you need 1000 words to make Google happy. So my question is: great you got to Page One the Holy Grail with your 1000 word posts, but no one will read it? Let me know where I am going wrong? I am Looking for advice, input and thoughts: what do you think and why?


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