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How much is your integrity worth?Would you compromise your ethics as a Realtor over .5%?

Posted on Nov 24, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

How much is your integrity worth? Is half a per cent to one percent of the Sales Price worth compromising you as a Realtor?

I just got home, was out for the evening with friends enjoying dinner and then I had to check AR. I know I am addicted.  I read a post and it made me angrier as I read on. Yes, we are not doing as well as Realtors as we did in the past few years, nevertheless the majority of us do not rub into the face of the ones who are not doing so well, that we are still surviving. Second it is nothing unusual that 80% of the Sales are made by 20% or less of the rest of the Real Estate Sales community. This is old news; hence I am annoyed that these individuals posted this information “how to take advantage of Struggling RE. Agents…”

 What made me write this post was, that these Realtors did not make this a member’s only post, rather targeting sellers in their area. As far as I am concerned that they actually believe, that many of the 80% who are not selling would compromise their integrity that is outrageous.

 I for one do not look at what the commission is on a listing, rather I look at whether it fits my client’s Needs or Not. I would love to know what per cent of the AR community would put their integrity up for sale. I understand that .5% could vary from community to community so let’s say on an average sale of $1million would you not look at your client’s interest first?


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