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How long does it take to build on a vacant lot in Los Angeles, CA?

Posted on Jan 11, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

How long does it take to build on a vacant lot in Los Angeles, CA?

Often times this question comes up either by the potential buyers who are considering building in Los Angeles, CA. Other times if they do not ask me this question, because they are not from the area and they presume that building is just like from where they came from. Then I bring it into the conversation, because I know that they could be from the east coast of the United States, or they could be from Europe, Asia or the Middle East and the building restrictions are totally different than in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Needless to say, the answer to this question depends on a multitude of factors. Specifically the times could be varied a great deal:  Approval time for building could take anywhere from 8 months and even more than 3 years.


Beachwood Canyon area land, Endre Barath

Once there is final approval on the design, then one needs to plan additional time for the actual building. This could vary anywhere from four to six months.

So what determines this great variance of time? It depends on the location of the land. For example if you build near Mulholland Dr it will be longer than if you just build in the Santa Monica Mountain range. If you build in Malibu it could be even longer, especially if you fall into the Coastal Commission’s Jurisdiction.

Silver Lake/ Echo Park area land, Endre Barath

 Anyway these are just a few examples what could determine the difference in approval times based on locations. I did not even mention it depends how experienced the Architect you choose for the specific area. That can make a huge difference as well.


If one uses the help of an expeditor or not, that can also determine speed, length of time or even potential failure of a building project in the Greater Los Angeles area.

coastal commission jurisdiction land, Endre Barath

So needless to say the short answer is: It variesJ!

Now if you would like the help of someone who can guide you through the challenges of building in Los Angeles please feel free to reach out to me directly!

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