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How is the Bel Air, CA Luxury Home Market? The short answer is active!

Posted on May 31, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

How is the Bel Air, CA Luxury Home Market? The short answer is it is very active!

As most of my readers know I have written how the Beverly Hills, the Beverly Hills Post Office and the Malibu Luxury market is doing. Hence I thought I do an analysis of the Bel Air Luxury home market as well.

As I have written previously,  there were many famous residents of Bel Air, without too much name dropping, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan, Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. So with that said you will get an idea of the desirability and price factors.

As of today there are 73 Active homes on the Market in Bel Air, CA. of this number the highest priced listing on the market is available for $125,000,000.00 and the least expensive home in the coveted zip code of 90077 is in the market for $715,000.00. So if you are considering making your family presence in Bel Air, CA you can see that there is a wide price point to choose from, virtually any budget we can find you a home.

inside Bel Air east gate Endre Barath

Currently there are 13 homes that are accepting Backup Offers and the highest list price that is in this category is $5,900,000.00 and the least expensive one $549,000. There are also 3 properties that are on Hold Status, generally an indication of either a short sale or some Title Issues that might be with these homes.

There are 21 homes in Pending Status of which the highest list price is $29,500,000.00 and the least expensive one is $749,950.00 again as I mentioned above this gives you a good idea what a wide range of price points exist in the coveted 90077 zip code.

Now the next statistic is usually very important to potential buyers as well as sellers to see what has sold year to date and also the price ranges for the sold homes. Interestingly year to date 71 homes sold in Bel Air, CA. The highest priced sale was $19,950,000.00 and the least expensive sold home went out at $540,000.00

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