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How does a home warranty benefit your seller? The answer is easy: Peace of Mind

Posted on Sep 1, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

How does a home warranty benefit your seller? The answer is easy:  it is Peace of Mind!

Customarily I always negotiate a “home warranty” from the sellers, when I represent the buyer. It is a great value to a new buyer and prevents potential problems down the road.

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 When something does not function shortly after a close of escrow, it annoys the new home owners. First they are wondering if the seller, the seller’s agent and the home inspector knew about the defect. Then once they go past that point they are aggravated about the repair costs they just incurred. Having a home warranty preempts this problem, because all they have to pay is the service call visit. Customarily that could be $35-$75 vs. if there were plumbing or electric problems that could have cost them unplanned in the thousands of dollars.

Have you ever had a water heater break down while you are trying to market a home? I have and I remember it was an hour before my open house started which in turn forced the seller to spend a lot of money because it was a Sunday service call.

Sellers can get a home warranty during the listing and escrow period up to 180days. So if you are confident that this time period will be enough to market and sell the home then it is important to share with your sellers this valuable and inexpensive Peace Of MindJ Insurance policy.

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