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How do you decide, which post you will comment on?

Posted on Nov 2, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

I was curios why some posts do get a comment and others do not? 

We as AR members are like little’ mini Gods’, we can determine what posts we will honor with our comments and which ones we decide to skip. So as a mare Mortal I am interested how and why some people get comments and others do not. 

So this is to the general membership. How do you decide which post you will honor with your comment? Is it based on that you have known the person and you want to lend them a moral support? Is it because you have an opinion of the subject and you would like to express your position? Is it that you feel politically correct, because the person that posted is a respected member, hence by you posting you are getting credit or are recognized that you are in the’ in-group’? Is it you are trying to ingratiate your self with the posting party?

 Or is it you are jut trying to pick up your 25 points and move up on the numbers game? I am fascinated with the comments especially that are not germane to the post. Do you actually read the post and respond? Or do you just read the comment above you and without reading the post make your comment? Do you just like to see your comment? 

What is your true motivation? Please share it with us.

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