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How do you celebrate an 85th birthday?

Posted on Jun 2, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

How do you celebrate an 85th birthday?

Well Diane used to work with this lady at the law firm she is at until she retired. Long story short, she retired many years ago and we remained friends with her. We celebrated many of her “big” birthdays including some of the lesser ones as well.

There were times I would cook and other times we go out to dinner, because I was too busy. The 85th clearly called for a special toast. Currently I have three Escrows and am negotiating two other ones so cooking was not an option for me. Since most of you who  know  me are aware that I like shopping, prepping and cooking for a special meal. Needless to say that would have taken up two days at the minimum.

Now with that said, we decided to have a bottle of Champaign before dinner with some cheese and flatbread.

Schramsberg 2008 Cremant Demi-Sec

I selected a bottle of “Schramsberg” 2008 Cre’mant Demi-Sec. This is a delicate and off-dry sparkling wine: an American original. This particular Vineyard’s sparkling wine has been served on President Reagan’s Second Inaugural Luncheon as well a President Clinton’s dinner for the prime minister of Canada. Interestingly enough most recently the Cremant Demi-sec was served at a White House Dinner hosted by President Obama for the Bilateral Chairpersons of the Congressional Committees.  On a side note a  Schramsberg  Blanc de Blanc was  served in 1972 when President Nixon met Premier Zhou Enlai.

So clearly this was a good one to serve for one of Diane’s friends who had a landmark birthdayJ! Happy Birthday Mary Jo!!!

In my opinion it was great that I served it with cheese and flatbread, because the complex and fruity sparkling wine was not too sweet this way. Otherwise I would have had to serve it as an after dinner activity. In case you are interested it is in the south of $40 a bottle so it is also quite a good value too!

The restaurant is food for another blog

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