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Here we are less then 48 hours from the Super Bowl. The big game! What will you be doing?

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 Here we are less then 48 hours from the Super Bowl,  what will you be doing? As an East Coast Transplant  from Boston to Los Angeles, I remember we had a Super Bowl Party the first year we moved out and said we will make this a Tradition. We had a nice turn out of Angelinos, who were polite and came and watched “the game”.

 Most of them were not familiar with who was either playing or cared who would win. So with that we did not bring out the “squares” well known in Boston by young and old. Professional or Amateur Betters. (Just a side note the following year we had an Oscar Party with Ballots)

 Well as I was reminiscing about the big Super Bowl Parties of yester years, I went on the internet to see what people are placing bets on in the Super Bowl? Was I surprised? There were twenty three pages worth of information what people are placing bets on, from the Coin Toss  to will either team score three unanswered times in the game? I could go on and on. Short of will there be a Sunday everything imaginable related to the game was a subject to bet on.

 This made me think a few questions that relate to Real Estate. How many people will hold Open Houses on Super Bowl Sunday? What kind of turn out will they anticipate? How many Realtors will not have time to watch the Game because they are writing offers? I could go on and on, but I will not. If you are watching the game just text me or e-mail me or leave a comment here, but do not call during the Commercials. This is Los Angeles after all we will be watching the commercials.

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