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Help Rescue Animals with two clicks on your Computer!

Posted on Jul 13, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Help Rescue Animals with two clicks on your Computer!


Often times I have been told “I admire you for helping the Rescue Animals, but I cannot afford to give money like you” when I hear that first thing I mention is log into the enclosed website you do not have to pay, you do not have to buy anything just click on the link daily and automatically the sponsors of the site will donate food to rescue organizations. Check it out! We all get so much spam email that we delete can we spare two clicks daily and help for free? Of course we can: So sign up to get your daily remainder and help the Cause at no cost! I have been doing it for years every day it is part of my routine, make it yours!

Pet friendly realtor in Los Angeles, Endre Barath,Jr


Believe me:  Your clicks count! The tables below show results from your clicks — along with those of other visitors — on the “Click Here to Give – it’s FREE” button. The map above shows some of the individual groups, shelters, and organizations in the United States helped through grants funded by The Animal Rescue Site.

pet friendly realtor in Beverly Hills Endre Barath

Once you click on the site also share it with your friends on Face Book and Twitter spread the word. Also you actually might end up buying a few items which will help even more!

jill the rescue cat playing with hat Endre Barath

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