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Have you Micro Chipped your Pet? You should Pet Theft is on the rise!

Posted on Nov 29, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Have you Micro Chipped your Pet? Well you should, since Pet theft is on the rise!

The American Kennel Club has been tracking pet thefts since 2007 and sadly report that there has been an increase in dog theft last year.  I find this totally outrageous; imagine 32% increase in dog theft last year alone!

Although some animals are stolen from the back yards or during a home invasion, turns out most of common animal theft occurs through other means. This is what the police call “opportunistic thieves” or better stated preventable Theft!

petfriendly Realtors in Los Angeles, CA, Endre Barath

When going into town leave your dog at home. This is the best advice; if you do not take it, than at least keep a close eye on your pet, do not leave them in your car, nor should you tie them to a pole while you go inside a store shopping bring someone along who can keep an eye on your dog. Sound simple, it prevents theft, Period!

Either way you should Micro Chip your Pet, in addition you should have a current dog license and an identification tag for your dog since these actions will potential help you in finding you missing pet. Never have your dog off leash, they might bolt and run away, because they have instincts you cannot control all the time.

Pet friendly realtor in Los Angeles, endre barath

For your convenience I am enclosing the following companies who provide micro chipping services. Talk to your Veterinarian about it after you visited these websites. Keep in mind Cat can run away unexpectedly as you open your front door to let people in or as you are just coming home.

Losing a pet can be devastating so why not do some prevention. This is the best advice I can give.


 America Veterinary ID Devices (AVID) 800.336-AVID


IDENTICHIP 800.926.1313


Companion Animal Recovery 800.252.7894


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