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Have you heard Southern California is Earthquake Country? Dispelling Myth #1 Earthquake happens in the morning!

Posted on Dec 17, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Have you heard Southern California is Earthquake Country? Dispelling Myth #1 Earthquake happens in the morning!

 As an East Coast transplant, I have to share with you some misconceptions which concern some people who have never lived in Southern California. Local Angelinos do not understand, nor can they relate to the fears of people, who have never lived here before.

 I will write a series of posts to dispel myths and give a dose of  reality to people considering Relocating to Southern California.(we have lived here now for over 14+years and will plan on living here for many more) What they should do and what not, i.e.: learn from out mistakes.

 As we were contemplating on relocating from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA., I was somewhat concerned the Southern California has the nickname of “Earthquake Country”.

As soon as we arrived, the first evening around 11:30pm we experienced our first earthquake.  As soon as Diane went to work on her first day, her coworkers asked the question: Did you feel that? (As we found out the next day it was a minor 3.2) So much for the myth of earthquakes always happen in the morning. This myth was immediately dispelled for us.

 I did a bit of research and found out that earthquakes occur at all times of the day. (Just to mention one, the 1992 Joshua Tree earthquake was around 9:50pm and it was a big one) My research via Google and LA Times has educated me to the fact, that there are thousands of earthquakes every year in Southern California and they occur at all times of the day and most of them are harmless and go  without being noticed.

 Stay tuned for the next myth which will be dispelled in my next post.  In the meantime this is no reason not to want to move here. Just ask yourself what is the temperature in your neck of the woods today December 17, 2009? We are expecting 72 degrees and sunshine.

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