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Have you heard of Gumball 3000? It is a Road Rally! This year’s theme is Stockholm to Las Vegas!

Posted on Jul 26, 2015 by in Ultra Luxury Real Estate in the Greater Los Angeles | 0 comments

Have you heard of Gumball 3000? It is a road rally! This year’s theme is Stockholm to Las Vegas!

The first Gumball 3000 was started in 1999 by Maximillion Cooper a British Millionaire or Billionaire depending who you talk tooJ

Hence, it certainly makes sense why this is a British 3000 mile (4800 km) road rally. The idea was to combine cars, music, fashion and entertainment.

Needless to say that represents Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and the Hollywood of everyone’s imagination. Luxury at its bestJ!

He has decided that every year the Road Rally will take place on a different route. So for an entrepreneur who has race cars, clothing line and a Rap Musician for a wife what a great Marketing Coup? Truly ingenious strategy the Road Rally gets his name and products out all over the world. Here is a link to Wikipedia ( ) if you want to learn the history of all the other Road Rally’s that took place since 1999.


So just imagine what a pleasant surprise I had. I was heading back from showing one of my View Vacant Lots in the Hollywood Hills. As I was traveling west towards Santa Monica I noticed this Golden Rolls Royce, needless to say after finishing a good showing, I need to take a closer look. So I back tracked to get a closer look and see what this car was all about.


Needless to say as soon as I pulled up to it, I understood. This Golden Rolls Royce reminded me of the movie the ‘Yellow Rolls Royce’ (but that would be dating myself).

If I perked your interest and you would like more information about this road Rally there is a 90 minute movie out, narrated by none other than Burt Reynolds of the movie fame of Smokey and the Bandit!

( )


And here is a link to Wikipedia ( ) if you want to learn the history of all the other Road Rally’s that took place. If you do not want to read all the link well let me tell you: The Participants typically use exotic super cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis to complete the race.  Luxury at its best!

Now here is a link to the official Website for those who want the Official version or might consider participating in next year’s Gumball 3000 Rally ( )


On a side note I have the ultimate Vacant Lot to have Eve & Maximillion build their dream homeJ or any of the participants of the Road Rally who fall in love with Beverly Hills!

Check out 2883 Kirkland Dr Land listingJ ( ) or check out the video ( )

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